My days at the hospital



It’s hard knowing when one day ends and the next one is starting. Every day is another sunday and another battle against myself. I’m not in here to get  a life, just to stay alive. A part of the living dead…


Don’t get blinded by the smoke

The inbetweens

Some people try to see past all the smoke, just to see what’s hiding in between. But sometimes the smoke is where the beauty lies.

My main attraction

I'm sorry

Many of you have asked about the model for almost all of my pictures and yes, it really is the same girl. My lovely Sunny, best friend, sister and soon to be wife ❤ She actually isn’t a signed model, just gifted and nice enough to let me use her in all my work (even in -10° celsius wearing nothing but shorts and tank tops), thank you for helping me out my love ❤

How Everyday Life Should Be

Watch the World

Ed Sheeran

The Road Leading Home

Some people have asked me for some more pictures from the festival, but since all the pictures are taken with disposeable cameras most of photos don’t do well on screen. Even so I found these three pictures that I love. Felt like the one on top really captured the festival atmosphere. Also want to say thank you for so much great feedback on my photos so keep up the good work and keep on commenting both good and bad!