Self portrait: The light in the end

004Thank you guys for all the nice words and sweet texts, it really means alot! Some days might look darker than others, but there will always be a light in the dark and one day I will find my guiding star that will safely show me the way back home.



Step up the game

6Get going on your tippy toe and make the world a better place


It’s Black and White in Colour


filtMarilyn kept smiling in every pic up until the day she died. Up until the day she couldn’t smile no more and killed herself. Never think you know the story or the tears behind every smile. It might kill them, it might kill you…


Don’t get blinded by the smoke

The inbetweens

Some people try to see past all the smoke, just to see what’s hiding in between. But sometimes the smoke is where the beauty lies.


Broken mirror game

Even a broken mirror can do wonders. You know you can see twice the beauty?

My main attraction

I'm sorry

Many of you have asked about the model for almost all of my pictures and yes, it really is the same girl. My lovely Sunny, best friend, sister and soon to be wife ❤ She actually isn’t a signed model, just gifted and nice enough to let me use her in all my work (even in -10° celsius wearing nothing but shorts and tank tops), thank you for helping me out my love ❤

How Everyday Life Should Be

Watch the World

Ed Sheeran

The Road Leading Home

Some people have asked me for some more pictures from the festival, but since all the pictures are taken with disposeable cameras most of photos don’t do well on screen. Even so I found these three pictures that I love. Felt like the one on top really captured the festival atmosphere. Also want to say thank you for so much great feedback on my photos so keep up the good work and keep on commenting both good and bad!

Hovefestivalen 2012

Roll on Stones



The last week of July me and two of my friends left our hometown to go on a music festival in Arendal, Norway. Artists like, Lana Del Rey, Snoop Dog, Ed sheeran, The XX and many more where performing on the festival. The sun was shining, we met new people, drank and had the time of our life. Afraid of people stealing my camera we brought with us some disposable cameras instead of our own so sorry for bad quality. If you like the outdoors and good music this is best festival I’ve ever been to and I recommend it to you all!