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The Road Leading Home

Some people have asked me for some more pictures from the festival, but since all the pictures are taken with disposeable cameras most of photos don’t do well on screen. Even so I found these three pictures that I love. Felt like the one on top really captured the festival atmosphere. Also want to say thank you for so much great feedback on my photos so keep up the good work and keep on commenting both good and bad!


Hovefestivalen 2012

Roll on Stones



The last week of July me and two of my friends left our hometown to go on a music festival in Arendal, Norway. Artists like, Lana Del Rey, Snoop Dog, Ed sheeran, The XX and many more where performing on the festival. The sun was shining, we met new people, drank and had the time of our life. Afraid of people stealing my camera we brought with us some┬ádisposable cameras instead of our own so sorry for bad quality. If you like the outdoors and good music this is best festival I’ve ever been to and I recommend it to you all!