You’re not in wonderland anymore Alice!

Alice in Neverland

U can always take more than nothing

Who painted the roses

We're all mad here

I am one of the many fans of the Alice in Wonderland movies! The psychedelic children’s movie where nothing makes sense and everyone is more or less disturbed. What’s not to love?




Lonely walk

Lonely Road

In between all my studies and hours of reading for my exam, me, Nora and her boyfriend went on a photography walk. It felt good to be able to only take pictures of what you want and not just because you have to. Wanted to do something fairytale-like and romantic so this is what I ended up with.

My niece’s birthday

Happy B'day

Sun and Strawberries

Happy birthday baby

B'day table

B'day Cake

My beautiful niece becomes 8 this summer, so she celebrated it this weekend before all her friends went on summer vacation. The sun was shining so we held the party in the garden where the kids could run around, play on the grass and be in the small swimming pool. I was the photographer of the day as well as I played around with the kids. Happy birthday my gorgeous niece, aunty love you.

Grandma’s place

Mind blowing

My cousin enjoying the summer air

One Love

The best and kindest Nanna in the world

Funny Bunny

My great dad enjoying the summer shadows

I always love visiting my Grandma and seeing my cousins, who I almost never get to see. She has always baked a tonne of cakes when we are coming and she is always telling us how much she loves it when we visit. It takes a little over an hour to get there so we never make it after school, also the only reason why I’m not over there every day. When I asked if I could take a photo of her she stroke a babe-pose with pouty mouth and everything before she started laughing the cutest laugh ever… we just have too much in common.

Getting Ready


Young flowers

Summer is finally here

Back up


Isn’t she a beauty?

Today I have spent almost all of my day in the studio recording songs with Solveig and Nora. We got to record the song Solveig wrote, and we will soon begin to shoot the video for it. The song is great so I hope we can match it with the video. Tonight I am going to the movies with some friends before I start studying for the exam. The next couple of days I will have to lock myself in and do nothing but studying. I am really looking forward to summervacation right now.