Enjoying the summer sun

Blog pout

My sexy blog friends pouting for the camera

Jumping is human form of Flying
My dear dance group showing what they are made of.

Keep Smiling
Cecilie showing her great smile, what’s not to love?

Walk in the Park
Walking of to Nipedalen for a Swim

Bestfriend Love
Me and my beautiful friend Kaja

It’s always important to check facebook every now and then

Overdose on food
One of us ate tooo much hot-dogs and got sick, haha

Friday some of the girls from Kompaniet had a BBQ at Cecilie’s house before heading to the beach. We had such a great time and all the girls go so well together. The sun is shining like never before in Bergen and that’s why we have to enjoy every second of it. After eating Hot-dogs, at the biggest and most beautiful house I’ve ever been to, we packed up and went for a swim. Not normal for us Norwegians! With long weekends and fantastic weather it feels like summer vacation has already started.


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