Outside my frontdoor

Alone, but not Lonely

Emmy relaxing in the summer sun


Her waiting for me, while I run around taking pictures of everything

Green Rain

In the sun you can truly see Bergen for what it’s worth

All good things are Tree

It’s funny how some people can’t even see it

Peace out

Walking through the magic woods on our way back home

It is great to have friends living next door when you all of a sudden deside to take a walk around the neighborhood. Me and Emmy managed to spend a whole day walking around doing nothing usefull adn it was good to have a day like that inbetween all studying for exams and training. This week has been great with lots of sun and events for me and me dearest. It is crazy how the weather can change my mood and how I see the world. I just can’t stop smiling!


Sunny Beach


Looking like queens waiting for the bus

Our lovely Sol waiting for the bus

Ready for a swim

Summer Smile
Posing for another camera

True summer
Enjoying the last beam of sun

These are also all pictures from friday’s gathering. As I mentioned we went swimming after being roasted in the sun all day, so we took the bus  down to beach where we spent the rest of the day. We just spent the rest of the day swimming, talking and laughing.

Enjoying the summer sun

Blog pout

My sexy blog friends pouting for the camera

Jumping is human form of Flying
My dear dance group showing what they are made of.

Keep Smiling
Cecilie showing her great smile, what’s not to love?

Walk in the Park
Walking of to Nipedalen for a Swim

Bestfriend Love
Me and my beautiful friend Kaja

It’s always important to check facebook every now and then

Overdose on food
One of us ate tooo much hot-dogs and got sick, haha

Friday some of the girls from Kompaniet had a BBQ at Cecilie’s house before heading to the beach. We had such a great time and all the girls go so well together. The sun is shining like never before in Bergen and that’s why we have to enjoy every second of it. After eating Hot-dogs, at the biggest and most beautiful house I’ve ever been to, we packed up and went for a swim. Not normal for us Norwegians! With long weekends and fantastic weather it feels like summer vacation has already started.

Take a Walk In The Park

Feeding the birds

Hanne feeding her friends

Free run
it would be great to have wings

Hanne running among the birds

I am studying photography at school and too not long ago we had a portrait project where we hade to in groups of two and do a positive portrait of your partner. Of course I chose my best friend from class Hanne and took the pictures above. She LOVES birds and there for I chose to do series of photos of her in the park with the birds. Sorry for bad quality, but these are only the copys. Since it had to be a positive portrait I didn’t wan’t her to sit still and pose, but to jump and run around freely. I got an A on this project and the teachers feedback was that my photos stood out from the rest because of colour and movement. They liked that I tried to play around and I showed control over what I was doing.

Crab hunting


My two darlings down by the lake, looking for crabs


My pour baby wanted to sit down in the water so badly

After sitting inside the cabbin for the whole day I took my niese and her friend down to the lake looking for crabs. It is adoreable to see how the older one look out for the youngest.

Old Bergen

Never look Back

Never turn around to look back, just slightly peak over your shoulder

On The Edge
Three beautiful Dancers from Kompaniet on the Edge of Glory

Point of View
My gorgeous three friends don’t even have to try to look good

Smile to the World

Can you say adorable?

Right outside the Dancestudios you can take a walk in a part of Bergen that is kept as it was many, many years ago and it is the best place to be when the sun is shining! After class me, Solveig, Nora and Torunn from Kompaniet chose to take a walk in Old Bergen and just enjoy the sun and take som pictures. I had them posing in the funniest places and in all kind of wierd ways.

The sun makes me so happy and very inspired to take lot’s of great photos. Enjoy the sun everyone, wherever you are.